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Maintenance and servicing of breathing air compressors

Guaranteeing maximum availability with our 24h emergency service

One of the main requirement for breathing air systems is:
Highest possible availability!
And this also requires, even by the highest quality components, an accompanying Service by an authorized dealer like COMP TRADE. Competent service pays off with more reliable breathing air availability and high production reliability.

The satisfaction of our customers is the benchmark by which we measure ourselves. That is why we are striving to achieve optimum care in terms of service and spare parts support for all our products. The complete documentation of all service activities, carried out by highly qualified COMP TRADE GmbH service team, gives the operator safety with regard to current regulations. But this does not release him from his statutory duties as an operator of breathing air filling system including for example recurring breathing air system approvals as well as DORT and services according to User’s Manual and the individual risk assessment.

Many benefits arise when entering into a maintenance agreement with COMP TRADE GmbH:

Breathing air must be available around the clock.
Because of this technical assistance, supply of parts and service technicians in emergency preparedness are available 24/7

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